The vtkFLTK bridge library
Volume 2
Volume 1
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vtkFLTK is a small C++ class library easing development of FLTK event-driven interfaces for use with VTK. vtkFLTK allows composition of complex graphical interfaces to complex visualization facilities by bridging disparities between FLTK and VTK event and windowing system handling.

vtkFLTK eshews use of C++ multiple inheritance as is consistent with the designs of both VTK and FLTK. A specialized VTK ObjectFactory is registered during static initialization of vtkFLTK's Fl_Gl_Window subclass which ensures transparent instantiation of its RenderWindow and Interactor subclasses. In other words, most application code can be fully agnostic of anything other than VTK's standard RenderWindow and Interactor classes.

Tested Platforms
  • i386 Linux 2.4.x g++
  • SPARC Solaris 8, 9 g++
  • PPC Mac OSX Darwin g++
  • i386 Win32 MSVC++ 7.1
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